Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kalocsa - Hungarian embroidery

Today I received a beautiful postcard from a friend who lives in Hungary. It was decorated with a floreal pattern which is typically Hungarian and seems to have originated in a town called Kalocsa.

Kalocsa is 120 km far from Budapest. I have never been there but I definitely want to visit it soon.
I think it s interesting to know that these floral designs were invented something like 150 years ago and were mainly sewed on clothes by Hungarian farmer women.

This colorful style of folk art is still today a very popular home decor. If you happen to go to Kalocsa I have been told that you can see local women sitting on benches in front of their houses chatting and embroidering table clothes or bed beautiful!

I think these pics from Kalocsa at the beginning of the XXth century are particularly impressive!!! (well, I admit it, I love the socks in the 3rd picture)

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