Monday, 14 March 2011

Farger Cafe and Tom George Restaurant- breakfast and lunch in Budapest

This Sunday Budapest was deserted and very, very quiet.
Tomorrow (the 15th of March) Hungarians will celebrate the Revolution Day and the War of Independence against the Austrian-Habsburg rule in I guess most of the Hungarians are now on holiday (or at least outside of Budapest).
Outside the Parliament (close to our apartment) there are hundreds of flags hanging or planted in front of it and people wear little red, white and green pins to express their pride in being Hungarian,

Pic 1. Hungarian flags

So yesterday we decided to take it easy and have breakfast in a nice cafe very close to our apartment.
The Cafe is called Farger (I have already mentioned it in ne of my previous posts) and its a very relaxing place where to drink coffee, surf on the internet or simply watch people.

Pic 2. The entrance

Pic 3. Cups hanging in the window

Pic 4. Plenty of magazines for free (and luckily in English, too).

Pic 5. Fanta (the owner's dog..ok, guess why his name is Fanta?)

Pic 6. Fanta waiting for a chocolate croissant

After visiting Erox at the Hotel President we had lunch in a restaurant close to the Basilika, which is one of the main churches in Budapest. Tom George is -despite the name- an Italian restaurant run by Italians with Italian food (and unfortunately Italian and not Hungarina prices...but it's definitely worth every Hungarian forint!)

Pic 7. The entrance to Tom George

Pics 8-9. I love the ceiling decorations and lamps

We spent the all afternoon at the IKEA (shopping there turned out to be as tiring as in Italy) and we left the place with such a bad headache after having bought nothing really interesting...brooms, buckets, rubbish bins and towels...).
On the way back home we took a walk and I took these two pics of Budapest at night.

Pic 10. The Parliament and Tram n 2

Pic 11. The Museum of Ethnography opposite the Parliament and in front of our apartment.

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