Saturday, 12 March 2011

Bologna Antiques Market

I am almost on my way to the airport, but before leaving I want to post some of the pics I took this morning at the Antiques Market in Bologna. It takes place every second Saturday and Sunday of every month in Piazza San Stefano, one of my favorite places in Bologna (ok, you may think every place is my favorite one in Bologna, but this square is indeed very very beautiful).
This morning there were more than 85 stalls displaying from vintage clothes and posters, to old toys,  from vintage lamps, to cups, glasses and furniture in beautiful...I can spend hours in this market!!
Have a look at these pics

Pic 1. The market
Pic 2 . A very old camera (1930- or at least the owner said so!)

Pic 3. An old toy (lucky was the child who played with it!)

Pic 4. Ok, it would look ridicolous on me..but isn't this hat stylish?

Pic 5. A sweet table and chairs

Pic 6. Beautiful lamps and textiles

Pic 7. I was not drunk when I took this's the pavement which is not straight!

Pic 8- 2 girls on a bike

Pic 9.'s me (as an integral part of the Antiques Market!)

Pic 10. Chandeliers and lamps

Pic 11. Old paintings

Pic 12. a lovely handmade bag

Today I spent only 5 euro at the market (which is my personal record..normally I spend between 15-30 euro). I bought this lovely teacup!

If you don't think it's beautiful..pls do not post any comments (ha ha :))

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  1. i remember those days when i was in bologna and visited this palace indeed this place is very beautiful
    Thanks for reminding me old memories.