Thursday, 3 March 2011

Marco Fadiga Bistrot- Bologna

Ok, you may think I am always out for dinner...and I splurge money on expensive meals..but this week is a sort of exception...and anyway tonight I didn't really eat out. Me and my Husbee reached a couple of friends who were having dinner in one of the best fish restaurants in Bologna.
This restaurant- but the owner calls it the French way bistrot- is a hidden treausure. It is located in the city center but it's not really visible from the street (via Rialto). You have to walk on the right side of the street if you come from the main central some point you will see the sign of the have to enter a small court and you will find yourself inside the restaurant.
A lovely, lovely place..the walls are pink with big mirrors...and you can eat the best seafood ever (oysters, shrimps, lobsters, fish tartare) accompanied by the best champagne. and the desserts are so yummy: we had cream with maracuja juice....STELLAR!!

Here is the website of the Bistrot.
Be ready to pay a lot (I mean a lot) but it is worth every penny (or cent in this case)

Pic 1. This is the entrance

Pic 2. a nice cupboard at the entrance

Pic 3. inside the bistrot

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