Saturday, 5 March 2011

Il Labirinto - vintage shop in Bologna

Il Labirinto is one of my favourite vintage shops in Bologna. It is located in Via del Pratello,  the most lively area of Bologna, full of pubs and restaurants, populated by young people and cute little shops like Il Labirinto. This morning I stopped by its window...and couldn't resist the temptation to go inside and have a close look to some objects I had noticed. This shop is indeed a temptation: you can find beautiful 70s lamps, old metal boxes, cups and teapots, toys....think about a strange object and you will find it there 100%.

Have a look at the pics I took this morning.

Pic 1. The window

Pic 2-8 Inside the shop

 Il Labirinto is located in Via Del Pratello, 65
 You'd better call at 051524044 before going there. The opening times are flexible!

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