Tuesday, 1 March 2011


The best way that I have found to absolutely remove odors in a car is to hang somewhere an ABRE MAGIQUE. I usually hang it on the gear lever.
Arbre Magique is a car deodorant and reminds me of my childhood. My parents' car smelled of this tree-shaped deodorant.
Arbre Magique was invented in 1952 by a Canadian-Swiss man, Monsieur Julius Samann and soon became a success. If you have a look at the website (www.arbremagique.it or www.arbremagique.com) you will find out this super stylish deodorant has been featured in movies like Liar Liar, 12 monkeys, Final destination 2, Ocean's Eleven, Runaway Bride.
The website states that it is the most sold car deodorant in the world.
The cost of the Arbre Magique in Italy is 1,30 euro, so it s definitely affordable. There many frangances to choose from: fruit (lemon, coconut, pineapple, ect...) oriental (green tea, sandal wood, etc..) and floral (magnolia, jasmine, etc..).
The classic one is the pine Arbre Magique (the one my parents had in their car).
So why not making your car fashionable (and with a good smell)? 

This pic is about my own lavender Arbre Magique.

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