Thursday, 17 March 2011

150 years of Italian Unification and Monica Vitti

Today - to celebrate the 150 years of Italian unification- I could have posted pictures like this one (an allegoric woman representing Italy in 1861)

or this one (a picture of Piazza Maggiore in Bologna 150 years ago on the day of the Unity proclamation)...

instead I want to post some pictures of one of my favourite Italian actress, Monica Vitti.
If it's true that Garibaldi and his brave expedition made Italy a single country, it's also true that the Italian linguistic unity mainly happened thanks to the media and the film industry. Even illiterate people could learn how to pronounce words in a standard Italian by watching a movie while at the same time having fun.
I think Monica Vitti's movies definitely made a contribution to the Italian culture.
She was one of the most talented (and beautiful) Italian actress of the 60s. She worked with famous  movie directors like Ettore Scola and Michelangelo Antonioni and performed in more than 60 films. My favorite one is "La ragazza con la pistola" 1968, (The girl with the pistol).
Here are some of her pics I randomly selected...

If you have 1 minute time have a look at this video
It's in Italian but it's probably comprehenisble also for those who don't speak Italian (the joke is about the ice cream taste)

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