Monday, 7 March 2011

Trabant vs Cinquecento: a car dilemma

My lovely Husbee would like to buy a second hand car to drive around Budapest.
He keeps saying it will be useful, especially in summer time, when we will go exploring and sightseeing Hungary.
So now we are facing a car dilemma.

Better a Trabant....

an automobile that was produced by former East German and was THE CAR during the communist bloc (its name means 'satellite' or 'companion ' in German and was inspired by the Soviet Sputnik)

or a Cinquecento?? An Italian car, THE ITALIAN CAR. launched by FIAT in 1957 to meet the demands of the post-war market???

I love them if you have any suggestions, pls share!!
(Anyway I think we can't drive very far away in such cars!!)

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