Sunday, 13 March 2011

Erox Martini- shooting a video in Budapest

Today me and my Husbee were invited to see the shooting of Erox Martini's last video ( a honor indeed!).
Erox is an amazing  Italian singer who has been living in Budapest for something like 22 years and has made a successful career as a singer. He sings in Italian (and sometimes in Hungarian as well), has recorded an incredible number of CDs and is very often on tourne.
My Husbee met him 12 years ago when he was working in Budapest and they have been friends ever since...whenever we are in Budapest we try to see Erox because he is a talented and funny guy...and above all a good friend of ours.
So this morning we spent 2 hours on the roof terrace of one of the most beautiful hotels in Budapest (Hotel President where Erox was singing and recording his last song and at the same time shooting the video of it.

Here are some of the pics I took during the shooting of his video

Pics 1- 2. The stunning view from the terrace of Hotel President

Pics 3-4-5-6-7  EROX!!!!

Pic 5. Erox and the main actress of his video

Pic 8. The official video photograper

Pic 9 Me- happy and frozen on the roof terrace!!

If you want to listen to a beautiful Erox' s song and at the same time see the Hotel President you can have a look at a video here...

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