Friday, 11 March 2011

Budapest Retro

Tomorrow I am leaving for Budapest. Most of the time, one or two days before going to Budapest,  I like to rewatch segments of a movie entitled Budapest Retró. It is a black and white documentary about life in Budapest in the 70s directed by Gábor Zsigmond Papp.
He used archival footage from earlier decades and the audio is a mixture of the original sound, readings from the newspapers of the era, and brand new text written specifically for the the movie. It is in Hungarian with English subtitles. 
The documentary is divided into sections: Budapest trams, Budapest cafè, Hungarian fashion and Hungarian design....
I love this nostalgic movie ...

I have recently read that Gabor has released 2 more movies “Balaton Retró“ and “Hungary Retró” . I can't wait to watch them!!

This the DVD cover

Pic 1. A bus driver in Budapest (1970s)

Pic 2. Budapest metro (1970s)

Pic 3. A bus in Budapest in 1970

Pic 4. Hungarian design/furniture

Pics 5 -6. Hungarian Fashion!

If you want to have a look at the movie trailer check this link out:

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  1. Dear Mirelle, I just wanted to tell you how relieved I am that I'm not the only one that loves those retro films on Hungary :)! I lived there for one year and although everything is changing you can still see so many details deriving from the sixties, seventies or eighties and i can tell you there's hardly anything I like more! Thanks for your appreciation of the old Budapest! :) Regards, Johannes