Monday, 7 March 2011

Giorgio Morandi - a painter of Bologna (and from Bologna)

Today I was reading a book...while I was folding the pages, I found an old postcard in between.
It was  a postcard I bought a few years when I went to MAMBO, the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, to see Giorgio Morandi's paintings exhibition.
I still remember the enchantment I felt when I saw his paintings for the first simple and at the same time so beautiful.
I was particulraly fascinated by the story of Morandi's life. He was born in Bologna, my home town, in 1890 and died in Bologna in 1964.
He never traveled, never left Bologna. What he painted were mainly the ordinary ojects he could see in his house.Throughout his career, he concentrated almost exclusively on still lifes and landscapes, except for a few self-portraits. 
Morandi executed 133 etchings. His motto was "Nothing is more abstract than reality" ( I love that!)
He was perceived as one of the few Italian artists of his generation to have escaped the taint of Fascism, and to have evolved a style of pure pictorial values. Through his simple and repetitive motifs, Morandi became a forerunner of Minimalism.
I want to post here some of his paintings, they have a very relaxing effect on me...

Image 1. Morandi's self portrait

Image 2 . Flowers

Image 3. The view from his studio in Bologna city center (via Fondazza)

Image 4. Flowers in a yellow vase

Image 5. Still Life

 Image 6. Flowers

His paintings have been exhibited almost everywhere in the world. From the Tate Modern in London to the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo.
Christie's has recently sold one of his paintings for the incredible price of 120,000 £.

If you come or live in Bologna a visit to the Giorgio Morandi Museum in Palazzo D'Accursio, is definitely worth the ticket price (6 euro)!
Museo Morandi
Palazzo d'Accursio
Piazza Maggiore, 6
40121 Bologna

051 6496652

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