Thursday, 24 March 2011

Yunnan - the embroidered shoes handmade by the Miao

In 1993 I visited China for the time (I can t believe almost 20 yrs have passed...and yes, I was very young at that time! :))
In 1993 China was definitely a different country from the one we see today...very few cars, thousands of bikes in the streets, people dressed in a nice but modest way, few skycrapers.
I spent 4 long weeks travelling around in China. I remember beautiful places like Xian, Shangai, the ouskirts of Beijing...I remember waking up at 5.00 am to see people exercise and dance in the street of Hangzhou, I remember the uncomprehensible drama I saw at the Chinese Theatre in Kumming.
But above all I remeber Guillin, a beautiful city in a region called Yunnan. 

Guillin surroundings look like this:

The area around Guilin is populated by an ethinic minority, the Miao. Traditionally the Miao live in mountainous regions and build simple, single-story houses out of wood or thatch with forestry and agriculture as their main source of income.
The Miao are well known for their intricate embroidery.
When I was in Guillin I bought some pairs of beautiful hand made shoes....
Have a look at these pics and tell me if these shoes are not  simply fantastic!


The Miao produce colorful textile like the ones you see below.

Traditionally women wear beautiful hats and work all day long to produce hand made works of art!

I have recently spotted beautiful embroidered "Yunnan Style" shoes at ...but prices seem unfortunately to be quite high!

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