Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Totally enchanted by Jacob Hashimoto

I have visited Arte Fiera yesterday, the art fair which takes place every year in Bologna.
I was totally enchanted by the beauty I saw, overwhelmed by too many beautiful works of art in just one place.
I must say my favourite artist in Jacob Hashimoto...he is an artist based in New York. Drawing on his Japanese heritage, he creates light three-dimensional structures such as wall hangings comprising thousands of miniature 'kites': bamboo-stiffened rice paper hexagons suspended with nylon fishing line...look at the pics above and tell me if whatever he does is not absolutely fantastic?!!!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Where 2nd hand, vintage and solidarity meet in Bologna - La Leonarda

Do you know any shops where you can buy a skirt, a t shirt and a pair of shoes for just 19 euro?
Well, this is exactly the amount I spent yesterday when I went to La Leonarda, a 2nd hand shop located in Via San Leonardo, in Bologna city center. Angela, the "owner" of the shop is extremly nice and helped me a lot in finding just the perfect outfit.
What I really like about this shop is that it sells clothes, shoes, books which have been donated by people and ....all the earnings go to Piazza Grande, an association that helps homeless people living in Bologna.
So, by buying or bring your old clothes you can do some good...

Friday, 27 January 2012

Raise your hands and be ashamed if you have never been to 10 Corso Como, Milan

Two days ago I was in Milan and took some time off from my scheduled meetings to go and see 10 Corso Como, a beautiful fashion store made up of a shop, a bookshop, a restaurant and a gallery.

Funded in 1990 by gallerist and publisher Carla Sozzani, 10 Corso Como has abandoned
accepted retail practices and promoted a new philosophy of marketing: "the slow shopping". So you can stroll along the shop, have a coffee, smell parfumes, enjoy the scent of candles and empty your pocket...temptations are everywhere and prices...well, prices are high (but anyway you are in one of the fashion temples!)

The pics below have been taken with my i phone (and actually photos are not allowed inside the shop..pls don't tell anyone!)
If you are not in Milan and don t plan to come soon, you can also shop online at http://www.10corsocomo-theshoponline.com

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jeremy Scott - the art of making strange/beautiful sunglasses

I have just realized that I never posted pics and news about sunglasses (and actually glasses in general). I recently came to notice the sunglasses designed by the designer Jeremy Scott in collaboration with the  renowned eyewear maker Linda Farrow. Consisting of unique and special pieces,  a piece features hands covering the lens, a piece features Scott’s much aligned ‘wings’ design, another one features hearts, his collection is so different and unique... http://jeremyscott.com/

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Matta e Goldoni - Fashion, vintage and much more in Bologna city center

Last Saturday I took a walk through Bologna city center and finally took some time to visit a shop I have always wanted to see. The shop is called Matta e Goldoni and is located in via Moline 1c, in an old and beautiful building. The shop is run by Betta who has welcomed me in a warm way and gave me some information about the shop.
Matta e Goldoni sells some innovative and local brands (like laMartaCuce, Middle Finger, Cami Gualta, Pamphlet and many others), has a fantastic vintage section and many interesting books about fashion. The interesting thing is that you can also select from a bunch of fabrics the one you like the most and have clothes tailor made according to your style and taste. Matta e Goldoni also organizes different courses (sewing, design)....
I am so glad I discovered this place...if you happen to be in Bologna, take some time off and visit Matta e Goldoni (in the meanwhile you can subscribe to its facebook page  http://it-it.facebook.com/bettamatta)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Ingo Maurer

Lamps and lights or work of art?
The unbearable lightness of light...combined with different materials for a great effect!
I love what the German Ingo Mauer has created...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Secret hidden treasure in Bologna - Briciole di Stelle- a bit of everything

I was born in Bologna and I have been living here 3/4 of my life...and still this city can surprise me...
A few days ago I entered a shop I had never noticed and fell in love it.
It is an old shop, selling everything from textiles to hats, from buttons to lamps, from vintage clothes to shoes, combs, vases...there is a fascinating chaos inside the shop...and far too many things..it s almost impossible to notice anything.
The owner is a nice lady who gave me a comb for 1.50 euro instead of 2 euro because she could not change me a 20 euro banknote...
Here are some pics (I took them with my iphone so the quality is not excellent). The shop is called Briciole di Stelle and is located in Via Carbonesi 2a (no website, no phone number available :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Martino Design - a treasure in Bologna city center

In the heart of Bologna city center a beautiful design shop called Martino Desgin has recently opened its door.
Situated in Via Canonica, an area which used to be the old Jewish ghetto, Martino Design- owned by two young architects- offers everything one could wish for.
From lamps to chiars, from furniture to plastic jewels, from vases to woolen gloves.
It is definitely an enchanting place. It sells design brands from all over Europe (Pudelskern, Muuto, t-Fish and many many others) and it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere...

Pudelskern's Tricot Lamp  (http://www.pudelskern.at/whatwedo/whatwedo.html)

Jielde Loft Lamps (http://www.jielde.com/)

Lolita Lamp

Pouf tricot
Paper armchair


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

TheBétaVersion + Dombon-a-tanya - Box Couture

Two Hungarian designer teams, TheBétaVersion and the Dombon-a-tanya - who are similar thinking, but with a different field of action - pulled together in an unconventional project.From these principles four different bags were born. The men’s bag, the women’s bag, the picnic case and the school bag. All of them have a clear-out shape with fine and simple solutions, made of pitted raw wood blocks with vegetable tanned leather stripes.
Needless to say ...I love the shape of these bags, I love the fact that they are made of wood....I just wonder how heavy they are...

I could not find TheBétaVersion + Dombon-a-tanya's website, but while I was searching for them I found out this amazing online platform for international and Hungarian design...it's worth taking a look at  http://log.pos1t1on.com/object-design/799-box-couture--dombon-a-tanya--thebetaversion