Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I AM GUILTY (because of some 70s vintage lamps)

I am guilty because I have just bought these beautiful 70's lamps from Il Labirinto, one of my favorite vintage shops in Bologna. I am guilty because I have paid quite a lot for these beautiful lamps which used to belong to a German couple (they were one of their wedding presents when they got married in 1973 - or at least this what the owner of Labirinto said...and honestely if these lamps ended up in a vintage shop in Bologna, I am starting to wonder what happened to the German couple and their marriage :))

Anyway here are the 2 lamps!! The funny thing is that I have never liked the orange color until probably last year... but now I would buy everything (ok, almost everything) in orange!
These 2 lovely, 70s vintage lamps will be transported to Budapest next time we go there and one of them will definitely be postioned on  my bedside table.
The light they make is very soft and warm!

I have made a research on the internet and found out that in the was definitely THE COLOR! and obviously I have found tons of other orange lamps I love!

Have a look at pics below!


This is a pocket lamp!


The vintage lamp below was designed  has a name - Alux Globespot -  and was designed in the early 1960s by E Graae and H Helger...(ok, Danish people know how to do beautiful things!)
This version, dating to the late 1960s or 1970s, is all made of glossy metal .

I wouldn't probably live in such colorful houses, but they are beautiful, aren't they?




I know these cups have nothing to do with lamps and furniture..but they are orange (and I love them!)



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