Friday, 1 April 2011

18 hours in Lisbon

So far I have spent almost 8 hours in Lisbon...10 more hours to go..and tomorrow morning I ll leave for Mozambique...
Although I can t wait to go to Africa - and therefore I have a sort of countdown to the next flight in my mind- I have really enjoyed the city....
This is my 2nd time in Lisbon- the first one was many years ago (almost 15) with a ex boyfriend...we spent most of the time arguing and my memories of Lisbon were not so good..but today I have re-discovered a young, lively, romantic town.
I took a long walk from Praca do Commercio to the Castle and then to Barrio Alto..I got lost many times (which was funny)..I walked for hours... so my feet are aching (which is NOT so funny!)

Here are some of the pics I took

Pic 1. I have succeeded in buying a beautiful Portuguese shawl for 7 euros in an old shop close to my hotel (Hotel Roma in Avenida de Roma)...the same shawl downtown was 27 euro (hurrah!)...Dad you are right, I could shop even in the desert!

Pic2. A shop selling flowers and seeds close to Praca da Figueira

Pic 3.  A view of the Castle from Praca Pedro IV

Pic 4. Somewhere in the Barrio Alto - I got lost..and ha ha...I even had a map!

Pic 5. The arcades close to Praca do Commercio....

Pic 6. The "elavador" ready to be robbed if you take it (it is quite expensive..ok, it's for tourists after all!) but the view from there is supposed to be wonderful (I didn't take the elevator...I just talked to a group of Americans:))

 Pic 7. A very nice little restaurant close to the Castle

Pic 8. My favorite street in Lisbon..Rua do Duque...full of restaurants and bars...and crowded, very crowded!

Pic 9. "If you want to take a picture of my restaurant, you must take a picture of me too"....done!..(the restaurant was down a slope!!)

Pic 10-11. Just by chance (as I was lost) I found this amazing bar with a stunning terrace (and obviously a stunning view of Lisbon!): it is somewhere close to Rua da Rosa...

Pic 12. I felt like a princess while sitting on this Indian couch!

 Pic 13. The Indian Shop below is connected to the bar

Well,  I am now going  out for dinner (it's 22.00 ..hopefully some Portuguese restaurants are still open) Tomorrow it will be a looong day  - 11 hours on the plane - I ll try not to sleep too much tonight :))...Mozambique, I am coming!

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