Monday, 21 March 2011

Mozambique and Fashion

In about 10 days I ll leave for Mozambique.
I have never been to Mozambique before, and honestly I know little about the country. I have no idea how Maputo looks like and I have no idea of what to expect in general...but I am really excited and can't wait for the 1st of April - the day of my departure- to come.
The reason why I go there is to launch a project about climate knowledge in Maputo and in some rural Mozambican villages (ok, this is about the other me) with a research group made up of Finnish researchers and climate experts...

Today I was surfing on the internet to find some information about fashion in Mozambique and found some interesting information.
Basically what I discovered is that there is not only a fashion week in Milan, Paris, New York and London...but also one in Mozambique!!

The drawings you see below were made to promote the last Mozambiquan Fashion Week which took place in Maputo last December....I think they are truly amazing...and convey beautiful messages of what African fashion really means.

The translation from Portoguese is:  "Discover the Africa you can’t see on National Geographic".

 "African fashion brings back what the apartheid abolished: harmony between colors"

"Parading in high heels is nothing for those who balance a bowl on their head."

And  in addition to all that...I have found out that there is not only a Mozambiquan Fashion Week but also a Mozambiquan - Swahili Fashion Week (the Swahili Fashion week is a platform for designers, both fashion and accessory from Swahili speaking countries) and even a Pan African Fashion Show (featuirng 51 designers from 23 African countries).

The pictures below were taken during the last Pan African Fashion Show.
(Needless to say...I love the colours and the tribal-sophisticated elegance...)

Definitely I want to buy a copy of ARISE, the acclaimed magazine of African style and culture (launched in February 2009, it is produced in the United Kingdom and distributed internationally).

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