Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Christina Kim - fashion designer and artist

Today I'd like to dedicate a post to a very special person, Christina Kim, whom I had the pleasure to meet in Bologna in 2008.
Christina is an amazing artist and designer, as well as a wonderful person.
A few years ago she founded the successful Dosa fashion brand in the US. So basically she runs her own company and at the same time she works with traditional craftspeople in Bosnia, Cambodia, China, India,  Kenya, Korea, Mexico, and Peru. For her it's important to use only traditional materials and to support local communities.

In 2008 she came to Bologna  to make an exhibition of her fabolous clothes (more than clothes they are works of art) at the Museum of Music.
Her exhibition "Organic, Recycled, Handmade" was truly breathtaking!!
Christina's design could fit so well in the museum that it was almost an integral part of it!

Have a look at these pics!

Here are some pictures I took of Christina in San Francisco when I visited her in summer 2009.
We spent 1 hour in the confectionary shop you see in the last image (which is also pictured in one of her collections!)

If you are interested in beautiful, beautiful clothes, have a look at

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