Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bologna- a night walk through the city center- part 2

Yesterday I took one of my night walks. Spring has sprung in Bologna. The temperature is mild and it's a real pleasure walking with my camera and my noise up in the air.
I started the walk from Piazza San Domenico, a central square in Bologna.
In the picture below you can see just one corner of the Piazza, showing a side of the church which was built in 1218.

Pic 1. Piazza San Domenico (view from Via Parigi)

Pic 2. Light coming from a window in a dark building

Pic 3. The arcade in Via Farini (well, not many people were around at 21.00)
Pic 4. A beautiful Madonna I had never noticed before in Via Farini (I love taking pictures because I notice things I normally wouldn't see)

Pic 5. PIazza Minghetti (I love this pic because it looks like Minghetti's statue looks like a real man)
Pic 6-7-8-9 AND HERE STARTS THE FASHION SECTION...I had not planned to take pictures of shoes...but look at the pictures below and tell me WHAT KIND OF SHOES WILL BE ON FASHION NEXT should not be too difficult to tell:))) 

Here are some shoes at Pinko store (piazza Minghetti)

Pic 10. Shoes at Bianco (Via Marchesana)
Pic 11-12-13-14. Shoes at L'Inde (Via Marchesana)

Pic 15. And my shoe-spotting night walk ended in Via Caprarie where my Husbee was waiting for me....

More walks and more pics to come soon!

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