Friday, 18 March 2011

Selina Juul and her successful Stop Wasting Food Movement

Almost one and a half year ago I had the pleasure to cross path with Selina Juul.
We were introduced- actually via email- by a common acquaintance, and we met in December 2009  in Copenhagen, the city where Selina lives (well, time flies!).
Let's say, in a very brief way, that we were brought together by our common interest in food waste (and consequently food policies) and by our common will to do something good for the civil society and the environment.
When we met, I was very impressed by Selina. She is indeed an incredible, smart, young woman with a true committment to make the world a better place.
Selina is a graphic artist, but above all she is the founder of Stop Spild af Mad (Stop Wasting Food Movement, a non-profit organisation aimed at informing people about the problems of food waste in Denmark (each person in Denmark throws out every year adds up to around €950, - in Italy the value of the total amount of food wasted is around 4 bilion euro).
She has recently released a book in Danish (the title is Stop Spild af Mad ) which collects recipes (mainly consisting in amazing dishes to prepare out of leftovers) written by her and some very famous cooks.
Selina is an incredible hard worker (well, Selina you are definitely a work- alcoholic!): she is the only one who can send you an email at 2.00 am because she is still working at that time.
This little post is a tribute to her and to her passion and devotion in whatever she does.

I love the pictures below showing Selina in action.

(this pic was published on

(this pic was published on

and this a picture of her " a success-to-be" book.

If you are interested in fighting food waste,  you can become a member of  the Stop Wasting Food Movement by subscribing at

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  1. Sweetheart! Aww you are too kind, you are too kind! :-)))

    It is a absolute honor to know such a wonderful and inspiring girl like you, you are so powerful, intelligent, nice and caring! I hope to see you soon and to work further on the food waste.

    And LOL yes - I'm Selina "workaholic" Juul :-))

    Many hugs,