Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Menza - the 1970s restaurant in Budapest

Last night we finally ended up in Menza, a restaurant located in Liszt Ferenc tér 2 (Budapest's most vibrant area).
I say finally because Menza is always crowded and to find a table there is almost impossible unless you don't book at least the day before (but because of the National Hungarian Holiday last night it was empty).
Menza is an Hungarian restaurant which serves delicious food (from gulash to cakes with poppy seeds) at reasonable prices.
When you sit there you have the feeling to be in the 70s: the walls are orange and green, the menu is hanging on the wall in brown panels and on each table there is a green vase with an orange flower.
The pics below were taken last night my Husbee's blackberry..so they are blurred ...but still they can convey the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Pic 1. the 70's lamps

Pic 2. The bar

Pic 3. The entrance

Pic 4. The main hall

Pic 5. The menu (a section of it)

Pic 6. The orange flower looks pink (but I promise it's orange)

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