Thursday, 29 September 2011

Picking tools from Fruit City website

Ok, this may have little to do with fashion, but I love the fruit picking tools you can see below.

They have been designed byVahakn Matossian who has developed a series of objects for the urban forager.
The long range extendable fruit picking device and  the fruit collecting basket are just lovely and useful.
They are both on sale on
Fruit City is a growing map and network of all the fruit trees in public spaces in London. Logged and mapped by the Fruit City team and citizens.
Fruit City is not just a Map of trees, but an initiative to wake people up to the nature on their doorstep. To re-engage folks with the wild and goodness around them and to get local community orchards planted.In theory every Londoner could get all the fruit they need from the city streets right now and through the year....

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