Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spitafields Vintage Market in London

The reasons why I haven t posted anything in the last few days are many:
1) I was quite busy attending my course at the Central Saint Martins (and now I do regret having taken no pics of my colleagues and of Erica, our teacher of Fashion Design and Marketing)
2) to find a FREE wifi spot in London is a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!! Come on Boris, do something about that...Budapest is much much much better than London in terms of wifi connections in bars and restaurants
3) I was too busy living, watching people (my greatest source of inspiration!), learning, talking, listening and yes..also shopping

Here I want to post some pics I took last Monday at the Vinatge Fair in Spitafields close to Liverpool St Station. I loved the market, the atmopshere and the people at the this post is a tribute to all the beauty and extravagances I have seen.

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