Tuesday, 20 September 2011

GYPSET- or gipsy + jet set

Last night I was reading a magazine - Velvet Italy- and my attention was caught by an article about a website called GYPSET.Today I checked it on the internet and found out that GYPSET has been launched by Julia Chaplin, a freelance journalist based in New York City who works for publications like The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue, Elle, and Wallpaper.
She obviously travels a lot and she has come up with the word Gypset: (gypsy + jet-set) to describe a new type of travel (and living) that redefines the optimal adventure as something that is chic and alternative, nomadic and unconventional.
GYPSET is made up of different sections like travelogue, enclaves, fashion, architecture and many others.

I really like when Julia describes the 10 ways to spot a gypsetter....namely a gypsetter is someone who:
1- Hangs out in places that are hard to reach
2- Stays at mansions or villas if they belong to someone else
3- Prefers Ibiza to Capri, Venice Beach to Santa Monica
4- Never wear clothes with visible logos
5- Doesn't mind falling asleep with salty hair (I LOVE THAT!)
6- Drinks Aguardiente and not Cristal
7- Like Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush"
8- Doesn't ask your last name
9- Surfs/snowboards
10- Flies with a Cesna

Julia who looks like that

She has also launched her new Gypset clothing line - chic and unique like a gypsetter should be!!!...see some of her creations below and her beautiful sarongs

Check out GYPSET website at http://www.gypset.com/go/about/...
you ll love it!!!

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