Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sun, Sea, Seafood (and Lio) - just the perfect weekend in Ibiza

I still can t' believe that I have spent such a lovely weekend in Ibiza... there were 30°C (incredibly hot for the month of October!) and the beaches were fully of people literally from all over the world ..everyone was enjoying the sun..everyone was cheerful, relaxed and tanned.
Ibiza is a dream-land populated by an international hippy-chic community. In Ibiza I have seen the most beautiful men and women of my life (and well, I do travel a lot and see a lot of people!). Everyone looks good, happy and rich (and well, yes, Ibiza IS expensive!).
Anyway this weekend in Ibiza was my husband's birthday present. We booked the flights a few days ago, booked the hotel the day before leaving (but just because we are totally disorganized) and rented a motorbike at the airport and ...we had the best time ever! 

Pics 1-2. Enjoying the sun and a salad at Ushuaia Beach Hotel at Playa d'en Bossa...and drinking San Pellegrino-Bulgari water :)

Pic 3. The toilet at Lio, an amazing restaurant and club at the harbour..if this the women toilet....just imagine the rest :)

Pic 4. Today, les Cavalletes beach...Goodbye, see you next year (can't wait to come back!!)

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