Saturday, 10 September 2011

How come Kiehl's creams are so expensive in the UK?

When I was in London last week I ran out of my favourite daily cream - interesting enough it s a men cream (Kiehl's facial fuel) I wanted to buy a new one. I went to Covent Garden where I knew there was a Kiehls shop...I found my cream...but I refused to buy it because definitely it was not worth.How come the same cream can cost $ 30 in the US (kiehl's is an American brand), 30 euro in Italy and 36£ in the UK??
I have no idea...(maybe you know better than I do)

It doens't make much sense to me...and I have also recently found out that Kiehls has  launched an Italian can order everything you want on line and the shipping is free (GREAT!!)...for those in Italy you can have a look at  for all the other the website is
and even if you are a girl/lady try the facial fuel gel for ll love it!

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