Monday, 19 September 2011

Collaborative Clothing Platform - OPENWEAR

I am planning to go to Milan on Saturday and visit So critical Fashion, which is a fair/event about critical fashion. While I was reading the programme of the initiative I found out about the Openwear project...which is an mazing project!

Openwear is a concept community by EDUfashion, a project financed with the support of the European Commission and promoting an alternative approach to fashion through a learning environment that reconciles two social trends: the rising demand for no-sweatshop, ecologically sustainable, locally produced, fairly traded apparel, and the growing relevance of a self-managed workforce focused on independent, socially engaged, critical and multitasking creative production.

It was born out of the collaboration of Poper - a social communication studio based in Ljubljana - Ethical Economy, a company based in London providing web tools to build ethically significant relations, and 3 european universities from Italy (University of Milan, Faculty of Political Science), Slovenia (Faculty of Natural Sciences in Ljubljana) and Denmark (Copenhagen Business School), who pooled their efforts to experiment with a new vision based on collaboration, innovation and the sharing of knowledge and skills.

I love the idea behind Openwear because:
- Openwear is an online community where you can share values, access to knowledge and practice of collaborative and distributed work.
- Openwear is where makers, fashion producers, small local enterprises, educational institutions can network to participating in the production of a new vision of fashion based on micro-communities and sustainability.
Openwear wants to promote an alternative approach to fashion through an environment where you can benefit of.
This the diagram representing how it works (for more info visit

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