Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Farmers Market in Bologna

Bologna has welcomed me today with a light rain.
My Husbee was at the airport to pick me up. It was so exceptionally good to see him!
I have spent only 2 weeks away but time in Africa has a different dimension: those 14 days have seemed like 2 months as they have been full of events, new people, new places, and the experience of a totally new life style for me.  
Living at Erkki's house in Maputo has been amazing: every night we had many people to come over to dinner and every night the most absurd-interesting-funny conversations have taken place...
So being back to Bologna is a sort of shock.

This afternoon I have quickly unpacked, taken a shower, and gone shopping at a farmers market.
I guess I had to force myself to go back to my old daily life because Africa has definitely left a sign on me.

The farmers market I have been to takes place every Thursday in Via Fioravanti, quite close to the railway station. I love the relaxed atmosphere there: the most interesting thing to me is that people seem really to enjoy grocery shopping, so you see plenty of smiling faces and ...there is a nice chit chat all over the market.
Below are some of the pics I have taken.

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