Friday, 15 April 2011

Madame and Eve - South Africa's most popular cartoon strip

 Last night I fell asleep at 3.00 am. I spent most of the time in bed reading a super funny cartoon strip I bought in a bookshop in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. It's a very smart, very well designed comic called Madam & Eve (invented by Francis &Rico).
Erkki has been reading it for ages and he was the one who suggested me to buy it.
Now I am addicted to Madame & Eve!!

Madam & Eve takes a humorous look at the daily lives of two people from very different backgrounds as they experience life in postapartheid South Africa. The strip's main characters are:
- Gwen Anderson, also known as Madam, is a typical white South African madam struggling to come to terms with the new South Africa. Madam's new year resolution is to learn the difference between the washing machine and the dish washer.
- Eve Sisulu, Madam's "domestic maintenance assistant" who actually runs the household.  Madam & Eve fight a lot, but they secretly like each other, even though neither of them will admit it.

The strip is currently syndicated in 13 publications and read by over 4 million people everyday!!
Here are some sample of the cartoon strips...I think they are just great!

Check out at if you are interested in buying the comics or simply have more info

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