Sunday, 3 April 2011

Maputo - the handicraft market

I had a wonderful day today. It started with a mass in English at the Anglican Church in Maputo (I am not very religious, but Erkki - the Finnish professor who is hosting me and with whom I am working- is a Lutheran there was no way to say no!).
Then we took a long throughout Maputo - unfortunately all the streets look the same and without a map I would get lost in a second-. We spent an hour at the local handicraft market (which is beautiful, it's impossible not to be tempted!)
We had an excellent and luxurious meal at hotel Rodana...then we went shopping at a South African mall and came back home at 19.00. 
We just had a Finnish dinner (Finnish bread, cheese and ham) and now we (Erkki is hosting me, a Finnish meteorologist and a doctor) are all sitting on the couch working (or pretending to work in my case).

Here are some of the pics I took today walking through Maputo.

Pics 1-2-3-4 African signs

Pics 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 The Local Market

Batik is definitely a must. Batik consists in wax applied to cloth before being dipped in dye. I am still not sure whether I like it or not (I mean, it looks amazing in an African market but I wonder if batik would look equally beautiful in my apartment in Bologna!)

I'd like to conclude by posting the best picture I took today...

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