Thursday, 21 April 2011

Liliana Torpedine - just an amazing shop in the heart of Bologna city center

Before leaving for Africa, one Saturday morning in March- during one of my usual stroll in the city center- I discovered a beautiful shop in the heart of Bologna city center, very close to the Two Towers.
The shop - which sells vintage and new clothes, accessories, and also unique gadgets- is run by a fantastic lady, Liliana, who has opened her business moved by her passion for beautiful objects and fashion.
I must say that the atmosphere inside the shop- located in Palazzo Lupari, a stunning old building- is truly magic and talking to Liliana - and find out the stories of many pieces she sells- is a unique experience!!

Here are some of the pics I took.

And this is Liliana, a living example of style...

Liliana Torpedine' s shop is located in Via del Luzzo 4, Palazzo Lupari, Bologna.

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