Friday, 24 February 2012

Magò East Africa= African fabric + Italian Design

African fabrics and Italian design is the synthesis of MAGO’ East Africa a clothing line and brand created in Zanzibar in 2006 by Margherita Marvasi (orginally from Bologna!!) who developed it in cooperation with a Tanzanian professional team. The business idea of MAGO’ is to produce unique clothing and accessories of the highest quality in Zanzibar. And the production is fair with an aim to make as little environmental impact as possible.
MAGO’ produces in small and limited numbers and each piece is entirely hand made, followed, cut and sewn by a single tailor with great attention given to details. The result is a collection of shirts, dresses, skirts and accessories tailor made with high quality standards in colorful patterns.
 From 2010 the brand is also sold in Rio de Janeiro and Sweden. In 2011 opened the second brand store in Stone Town, Zanzibar (Magò Boutique and Magò Studio).

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