Monday, 2 May 2011

Veruschka's monograph

On a recent edition of an Italian magazine - Gioia (ok, it may sound not really intellectual or fancy, I understand) I have read a beautiful article dedicated to Veruschka, a German model who was very famous in the 1960s. I think I have seen Veruschka' s pictures many times - even before that article- but I had never realized how charming and different she was from all other models.
Most of the time it was her who decided the clothes to wear and the timing/settings of the shooting...

Veruschka is now the subject of a limited-edition, cloth-bound monograph from Assouline that fully illuminates her career and impact on the fashion world. Included are the model's own musings, interviews with editors like Diana Vreeland and Grace Mirabella, and photographs from Richard Avedon, Francesco Scavullo, and Franco Rubartelli (who was thought to be her lover).

Here are some of her pictures from the book...well, I think no comments are needed!

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