Monday, 16 May 2011

Brussels by night - around the Grand Place

I have landed in Brussels at 12.05. It has been raining the entire afternoon, so I basically stayed in my hotel room- Gresham Belson Hotel (in a quite unknown area for me) - until 19.00, when I met with Francesca, one of my previous colleague of one of my previous jobs in Bologna, and had dinner with her. On the way back I took some pics of Brussels by night (pretty cold but at 22.00 it was not dark yet).

Pic 1- Le Cirio, a restaurant close to the Bourse

Pics 2-3-4. La Cure Gourmande, the best chocolate shop close to the Grand Place


Pics 5-6 the Grand Place by night

Pic 7. Belgian chips- not to be missed!!

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