Friday, 13 May 2011

Anish Kapoor at Monumenta, Grand Palais, Paris

MONUMENTA is an ambitious artistic event organized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.  Each year MONUMENTA invites an internationally renowned contemporary artist to appropriate the 13,500 m² of the Grand Palais Nave with an artwork specially created for the event.
This year it is British Indian-born Anish Kapoor - one of the most highly recognized and honoured artists of his generation- who has taken up the challenge during the months of May and June 2011.

Anish Kapoor  has created a work of art called Leviathan in the Grand Palais, Paris and  has dedicated it to the artist Ai Weiwei, whose detention by Chinese authorities he described as "barbaric".

About Leviathan Kappor says:
"the sculpture is a total immersion in an unexplored physical and mental dimension. once you are inside,  in the giant 4-armed balloon, the involuted form  reminds you of an organic outer space and inner self at  the same time -- but when you travel outside of it (once you are back in the space of the grand palais),  I hope the viewer has another encounter with the piece and with the luminosity thrown down by the glass roof.'
Here are some pictures of Leviathan.


and inside...

And of some of his previous works of art

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If only I could, I would take a plane to Paris right now!!

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  1. levathian is an amazing work - saw it at the Grand Palais