Tuesday, 17 May 2011

MMMMh restaurant in Brussels

MMMMh restaurant in Brussels was definitely an experience. I have to thank Nathalie for having taken us (a group of people of different nationalities working together on a European project on food waste) to cook and have dinner there.Yea, because mmmhh is a restaurant where you learn to cook some recipes and then you eat what you have cooked. The Chef Carlo, an Italian who has been living in Belgium for most of his life, is a great man...
Tonight Emily and myself were in charge of the strawberry mousse...

Pic 1. The entrance

Pic 2. the first floor

 Pic 3. The chefs. Carlo is the first on the left

Pic 4.Emily and the strawberry mousse

Pic 5. Emily, myself and the strawberry mousse

Pic 6. More cooking

Pic 7. The strawberry mousse recipe (in French obviously!)

Pic 8. From above

Pic 9. the chef Carlo and myself

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