Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Between Stanford and San Jose

After a looooong trip (more than 24 hrs on a plane - Bologna-Frankfurt-Philadelphia- San Francisco) last night I have finally arrived in San Jose, California. Me and Erkki - yes, the Finnish Professor I was working with in Maputo- have been invited to make a presentation at Stanford University. He flew from Mozambique and arrived in the US a little bit earlier than myself.

Although the conference is in Palo Alto, where Stanford University is, we are staying in San Jose, hosted by a Lebanese biotech professor - Sami- married to a Russian lady, Natasha.
Sami is one of the most wonderful person I have ever met and a great cook. Tonight he spoiled us with excellent Lebanese food (hummous, pita bread, foul, babaghanoug...)

Here are some pics which I took today.

Pic 1. The backyard at Sami's place

ic 2 Erkki at the entrance gate

Pic 3. Sami at work

Pic 4. Food is almost ready


And this morning's pics at Stanford

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