Friday, 1 July 2011

Sissi - The anatomy of emotions translated into therapeutic clothes

Sissi is a Bologna based artist whose performances have gained international recognition thanks to a series of highly-regarded personal and group exhibitions.
Known to the public thanks to her knitting art works, with this new performance, Sissi embarks on a new stage of her artistic career. From knitted clothing in the most unusual, quirky shapes with high emotional impact, the artist’s attention now shifts onto the concepts of body, flesh and matter.
The performance has a very symbolic title: Analisi del lembo scucito (Analysis of the unstitched corner) which is evocative of a body that appears naked and explored right through its viscera starting from the skin revealed by the unstitched corner of a piece of clothing.

She has been awarded several prizes , among which the Premio Alinovi and the Premio Furla.
Below some of her drawings and the artist herself.
I definitely want to meet her sooner or later!!

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