Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ecologina - sustainable Italian clothes

Giada Gaia Cicala is a 25 years old designer and she is the mind behind the brand Ecologina.  
Her eco-friendly and sustainable fashion is based on 100 per cent recycled creations, realized by saving fabric left -overs from textile companies and transforming them into sophisticated and colourful clothes.
Recycling is considered as a solution for the enviromental issues: giving a second life to clothes, a big amount of textiles is saved from landfills. Recycling means also pollute less as possible, saving energies and reducing environmental impacts.
Ecologina returns dignity and life to fabrics that are just about to die in polluting incenerators or in overflowing landfills.
These fabrics gives an added value to every Ecologina's piece; ethic qualities enrich the aesthetic pleasure and overcome the idea of a superficial-frivolous, free of essence fashion, strictly made in Italy!

See the pics below and visit her website at

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