Thursday, 21 July 2011

Chizu Kobayashi - artwork with metal (and love)

I recently came across a beautiful metal artwork.It was a Hinomaru carp, a traditional Japanase fish but made of metal and hanging from the roof of La Ca Shin ( , a nice bio-restaurant on the top of a hill surrounding Bologna.

I wanted to find out who was the artist who made such a beautiful work of art and came across to the name of Chizu Kobayashi, an artist and designer, originally from Japan but now living in Bologna.
She designs nearly everything from shoes, to shop interiors, jewels, using metal wire as primary material. She collaborates with boutiques, architects and other creators.
I am totally in love with whatever she does!!

And here are the pics - dowloaded from her website - of some of the amazing things she does!

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