Monday, 4 July 2011

I OWE YOU - Iou Project - handmade clothes with love

Yesterday just by chance I found out some interesting information on the IOU Project, a somewhat radical concept that marries fashion design and supply chain transparency in an innovative way. Through a deep understanding of digital media and a true appreciation and love for the craft behind fashion, the people who make up the IOU Project are working hard to flip the entire process of manufacturing garments on its head.

Understanding that 20 million families in India depend on the textile industry (and by that I mean traditional hand weaving) as a means for their livelihood, IOU founders Kavita Parmar and Ricky Posner made it their mission to bring the weaver to the consumer at the end of the supply chain.

They want to bring the consumer closer to the entire manufacturing process of the clothes. The idea is, of course, to have a better chance of getting their clothes out to customers (not an easy thing for an unknown brand working primarily on the web). But just as important, it’s about building a community of people who want transparency, accountability and authenticity. 
They produce a small collection of clothing made from the traditional Indian lungi, which consists of a 2 meter piece of woven fabric, most often cotton, that is usually solid or madras plaid. No two are ever exactly the same, as each one is hand woven by an artisan who will thread the loom based on their mood and inspiration on that day.  They take these lengths of fabric and create one skirt, one shirt, and one pant (or maybe a dress) with this particular fabric. Every single piece of clothing is different due to the unique nature of the fabric.

Have a look at and see the pics below downloaded from the website

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