Tuesday, 17 January 2012

TheBétaVersion + Dombon-a-tanya - Box Couture

Two Hungarian designer teams, TheBétaVersion and the Dombon-a-tanya - who are similar thinking, but with a different field of action - pulled together in an unconventional project.From these principles four different bags were born. The men’s bag, the women’s bag, the picnic case and the school bag. All of them have a clear-out shape with fine and simple solutions, made of pitted raw wood blocks with vegetable tanned leather stripes.
Needless to say ...I love the shape of these bags, I love the fact that they are made of wood....I just wonder how heavy they are...

I could not find TheBétaVersion + Dombon-a-tanya's website, but while I was searching for them I found out this amazing online platform for international and Hungarian design...it's worth taking a look at  http://log.pos1t1on.com/object-design/799-box-couture--dombon-a-tanya--thebetaversion

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