Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Matta e Goldoni - Fashion, vintage and much more in Bologna city center

Last Saturday I took a walk through Bologna city center and finally took some time to visit a shop I have always wanted to see. The shop is called Matta e Goldoni and is located in via Moline 1c, in an old and beautiful building. The shop is run by Betta who has welcomed me in a warm way and gave me some information about the shop.
Matta e Goldoni sells some innovative and local brands (like laMartaCuce, Middle Finger, Cami Gualta, Pamphlet and many others), has a fantastic vintage section and many interesting books about fashion. The interesting thing is that you can also select from a bunch of fabrics the one you like the most and have clothes tailor made according to your style and taste. Matta e Goldoni also organizes different courses (sewing, design)....
I am so glad I discovered this place...if you happen to be in Bologna, take some time off and visit Matta e Goldoni (in the meanwhile you can subscribe to its facebook page  http://it-it.facebook.com/bettamatta)

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