Thursday, 10 November 2011

What would you save if your house was to burn down?

What would you save if your house was to burn down?
It's the question that Foster Huntington  asked himself and other people from all over the world. 
The result is an absolutely fantastic collection of images on  Lots of nice pics of very diverse things...

AND YOU? what would you save??? See below some nice ideas...
I think I ll post soon some pics fo what I would save...

Name: Anne bezborodko
Age: 33
Location: San Francisco
Occupation: Graphic designer/illustrator

  • my grand father “Fibroc” suitcase
  • my polaroïd autofocus 600
  • “Oscar” my beetle from Congo
  • my vintage “berlingots” metallic boxes
  • my favorite scarf from Guatemala
  • my passeport
  • my favorite book
  • my drawing/painting material
  • my “british” hat
  • my shiny shoes

Name: Michelle Sproule
Age: 40
Location: Vancouver
Occupation: Community Relations & Managing Editor Scout Magazine
  • my sons (pip and jack) and my husband
  • keys to the vw van (sleeps 4 and will be handy, given that the house is gone)
  • favourite photo (night laundromat)
  • camera (and external hard drive - not shown)
  • journal
  • a quick handful of books
  • debit card
  • iphone
  • rain boots (it is vancouver after all)
  • bottle of wine. alcohol will be key in digesting the loss.
  • favourite pair of jeans (levi’s 501’s)
  • stones. i like stones. i keep them in specimen jars. they’d mostly be fine, but i’d scoop a few favourites on the way out the door (the really smooth black ones that make you feel clam).
  • gram’s engagement ring and photo of gram.
  • family photos. so important.
  • photograph of a room at different times of the day torn from unknown source. i like to think that one day i will discover who the artist is. 

Name: Willem Wilhelm
Age: 23
Location: Germany
Occupation: Biology & Arts

  • the Contax RTS of my father
  • a bag
  • a twisting balloon
  • a watch
  • organic candy bars
  • copic markers
  • accordion sheets of my mother
  • a moleskine notebook
  • my lucky shirt from Hong Kong brought by a friend
  • a scalpel and scissors
  • a laptop
  • the key for my (old&awesome) bicycle
  • a key ring from a fleah market in paris showing astronaut Andrian Nikolaiev
  • a Canon 500d
  • glasses

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