Monday, 7 November 2011

Korean Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale

On Sunday visited the Venice art Biennale for the second time.
What impressed me the most was for sure the Korean Pavillion at Giardini.
The korean pavilion is presenting 14 multimedia works by artist lee yongbaek in an exhibition titled,  'the love is gone but the scar will heal.' with works in video, photography, sculpture and painting, the show explores identity and  existentialism amid the artifice of contemporary society.

Guns hidden among flowers

Optical effect: breaking mirrors

The piety:
Lee’s 'pieta' series combines political commentary with faith.
made in three versions -- love, hatred and death -- 'pieta’' shows two cast-molded figures posed in stances reminiscent of religious imagery,  but following in the three themes: they are seen kissing, taking a martial arts stance and embracing in a final act before departure with death.

Everything was so inspiring at the Korean was definitely the one I loved the most...

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