Sunday, 27 November 2011

Un1co - a very unique atelier and shop in Bologna

Today a new creative open space/shop/atelier has opened. Its name is Un1co and it is located in via Baruzzi, a bit far away from the busy central streets but in a nice and residential area.
The interesting things about this shop is that it mixes in just one space many different brands, all of them invented by talented designers. Esercizi di stile, Chizu Kobayashi, il Mondo di Ozu, Marakita, District 6  are just some of them can find almost everything there...from furniture to bags, from accessories to furs...all displayed in a nice "mix and match" way...
Giorgia Schvili, the owner of the space, has had a brilliant idea and has demonstrated a modern, creative approach to fashion...

Un1co is definitely worth a visit (and possibly more than one)...

Esercizi di stile: home accessories and much more

Marakita: bags

Il mondo di Ozuk

Old style and super modern furniture

Chizu's pieces

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