Friday, 25 November 2011

Jojo - eco-shoes???

Jojo is the project developed by Nagel and Matthieu Vaxelaire who created a "sustainable and ethical" pair of shoes (it reminds me soooooo much of Toms One for One initiative who did the the same and to whom I have dedicated a post in this blog!)In South America they saw a man who was wearing a strange type of shoes. It was something he made out of an old tyre, I believe” says Nagel, “The shoes were wrapped around his feet like bandages and we decided to keep the idea of the bandage in the shoes we produce, which is related to our mission that is to take care of the planet”.

I find it a bit strange to read that all their shoes are produced in China, but sold in Europe..but according to  Nagel “It would make much more sense to produce our shoes here in Europe and that was our intention at first, unfortunately if we kept the production here we’d have to sell them at least at two hundred Euros and that wouldn’t be possible, because we want our shoes to be affordable. I can say that the Chinese factory we’re working with does not exploit its workers and that is the most important thing for us.”
Still a pair of shoes costs 79 euro (compared to Toms shoes that cost 50$).

The project work like that: you buy a pair of shoes and part of the money you pay will go to either a social or an environmental project. Jojo allies with Tree-Nation and with The Water project. The company is now supporting one of the Three-Nation’s projects, for the creation of the first JoJo forest in Niger and thanks to the partnership with The Water Project, it’s giving its contribution to building water pumps in Sierra Leone.
Now the decision to buy Jojo's shoes is all up to can visit

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