Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mani - Handmade clothes with love in Bologna

Mani is the name of a brand founded by Michela Di Crescenzo, a young fashion designer originally from L Aquila, but now based in Bologna. In her home atelier she designs and sells beautiful women clothes, hand painted t shirt, hats, handmade jewelry, belts.
I visited Michela's atelier a few days ago: she has welcomed me with a sweet spices tea and we chatted a lot about her work, her passion for Africa and for beautifully designed clothes.
Obviously I bought something... a purple greatly shaped skirt.
For anyone who wants to get in touch with Michela and see her handmade collections I suggest to visit her website If you are interested in visiting her home atelier- Viale A. Lincoln, 68 - 40139  Bologna -  Michela receives clients on appointment: you can call her at 0039 347 4096248

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  1. To see the collection,
    you can make an appointment in the Maison-Atelier "MANI".
    I wait for you.

    MANI 100% Hand Made
    viale A. Lincoln, 68
    40139 - Bologna
    +39 3474096248