Monday, 10 October 2011

GLIMPT- Swedish design

These two guys are Mattias Rask and Tor Palm, a Swedish design duo, who work with artisans from around the globe, creating objects with a deeper story in the encounter between design and crafts.
Glimpt of South Africa was their first project: as a joint venture with Furntech and The Potters Workshop in Cape Town, they created a series of products meant for the European market but with a feeling of South Africa. The outcome was a stool and a sideboard, which are knockdown.
And also the ceiling lamps Forbidden Fruit and the floorlamp Last Fruit Standing. The lamps combine ceramics and turned wooden pearls.

Called Forbidden Fruit, the collection of lights feature ceramic shades that have been painted with tiny details representing strawberry pips.

Forbidden Fruit by Glimpt

After South Africa they felt inspired to continue working and cooperating with craftsmen in other countries. They established contact with UMA, a Vietnamese furniture company. Via UMA they got into contact with seagrass and plastic weavers in Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam.
And the Superhero series (below) stared taking shape.

I love their concept of design..for more info

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