Monday, 10 October 2011

Bologna - a Sunday morning walk

It has been a while since the last time I posted some pics of my home town, Bologna. The last months have been very busyand actually I had little time to go around and take nice pics. Yesterday it was a sunny and beautiful day I decided to take my bike and visit the antiques market that takes place every second Saturday/Sunday every are some of the pics I took is definitely one of my favourite places and yesterday it was packed with people!

and then I took a pic of the sun hiding under the arcades in Via D'Azeglio...

and of the arcades and some fruit and veg shop in Strada Maggiore

so...who cares if after such a nice morning..I spent the whole afternoon at home working??

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  1. Oh Sylvia! These photos make me miss Italy so much! I wish that you and I had visited this market together when I was still there. I would have loved everything and wanted to take all of it home in my suitcase. Perhaps when I can come visit we can go. Until then baciii!