Saturday, 27 August 2011

Lecce, Martano, Melpigano- escaping the crazy crowd in Salento

Lecce is beautiful, the surrounding beaches amazing, but definitely too crowded, esepcially in August. Me and my cousin had a hard time in finding a beach where we could lay down for a while and enjoy the seems that 3 Italians out of 5 are spending their holidays in this area of Puglia, called Salento.

Our B&B in Lecce is we keep our basis here and go exploring the villages close by like Martano and Melpignano..they are so incredibly beautiful!!!Pics 1 - 2 Our bed and breakfast Chiesa Greca...great accomodation in the historical city center

Pic 3. Pic from a walk in Lecce

 Pic 4. ME in Martano

Pic 5. The entrance of the main church in Martano

Pic 6. The EMPTY central square in Mepignano

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